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Prudential Investments: Our Perspective

Low yields, extreme market volatility, global complexity, and longer life spans with extended retirements pose new, long-term challenges to today’s investors. But they can also bring opportunities.
We think it's time for a more disciplined, thoughtful approach to balancing risk and reward. It's why we build funds with long-term thinking that can help investors in a variety of market environments.
  • Find Income Opportunities

  • Help meet the growing demand for income, even in a low-yield environment, with mutual funds spanning dividend-oriented equities, fixed income and REITs.

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  • Mitigate Investment Risks

  • Learn how we help investors confront risks in all kinds of markets, including the risk that rising interest rates could lead to losses in fixed income.

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  • Invest
    in Energy

  • The U.S. energy renaissance isn’t a trend. It’s a transformation. See how investors can participate with a combination of mutual funds no one else offers.

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  • Funds for Defined Contribution Plans
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  • Explore our
    Star Performers

    Morningstar 4- and 5-star rated mutual funds across a variety of asset classes.

    Morningstar Overall Rating for Class Z Shares as of 1/31/2015. Morningstar measures risk adjusted returns. The overall rating is a weighted average based on a fund's 3-, 5-, and 10-year star rating.